July Weekend Round Up

July:  Canada Day, Fourth of July, fireworks, barbecues … SUMMER!


Need to scope out one of these airport restaurants before boarding for our famjam vacay in 12 days

Make sure you pile sunscreen on, please!

Just got this, and is already my summer uniform

Because I’ve got Paris on the brain (did I mention we go back there in TWELVE DAYS?)

For those vacationing in their own backyards.


Have a great weekend, folks. Be safe, have fun and enjoy!

Love wins. Always. 

A historic day for the United States… The Supreme Court ruled in favour of same sex marriage in all 50 states (5-4). Tey finally caught up to what we’ve been practicing here in Canada. Isn’t it a great day to be on the right side of history? There is yet hope… 

It will be a new year for me tomorrow, my 43rd. Lots of changes, all moving forward. I look to a better year ahead, a better me, a changing world. 

Love is love. Love wins. Always.   Happy Pride. 

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